The Birds are back (and so is the blog). Week 1 prediction.

Sup fam? In the words of the now canceled Fat Albert/Bill Cosby “Hey, Hey, Hey” we’re back. The blog had a nice little year hiatus because we didn’t feel like writing about teams that didn’t give a shit enough to give an effort for the city. I also forgot my password to the site.

However, I like the cut of the jib of this Eagles team. To the delight of the woodland creatures of South Jersey, Carson Wentz was shipped out to the Midwest and unfortunately for the Colts the ball isn’t the only thing he is spreading out there.

Much to the dismay of fans, Howie Roseman has returned. He orchestrated some (what appear to be at this moment) good offseason deals.

Lastly, the Eagles hired Nick Sirianni to lead the club, who is the human version of a packet of Fun Dip sugar when it comes to jolts of energy.

My professional evaluation/grade of the off-season without going into detail: B

Now let’s dive into this game with the Atlanta Falcons.

The X Factor of the game is Jalen Hurts. I know, ground breaking reporting. With a conclusion like this I could be working for major sports networks. However, he still is the greatest unknown going into the season. For today’s game, I feel Hurts has the ability to take it over on the ground. It’s completely overlooked that the Eagles have a Top 5 offensive line when they are on the field. I think they are going to come out and punch Atlanta in the face with Hurts and the stable of backs.

I also strongly believe that DeVonta Smith breaks onto the scene in a big way today. He’s the best route runner the team has had since T.O. Kevin Curtis came closest to him. The other reason I am leaning toward the big breakout is that I think Atlanta’s secondary is just flat out bad.

Now it’s not all going to be smooth sailing. The Eagles still have their own questions to answer on the defensive side of the ball as well. Slay and Nelson are as solid of a pairing as you’ll find. However, the concern comes down to depth in the secondary. Especially going up against the vastly underrated Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts (who may break out today in his own right).

So where do I think the Eagles win this game? It’s along the defensive line. The Eagles are back to having a rotation of pass rushers who are all capable of applying pressure to Matt Ryan. My bold prediction is a multi sack game out of Josh Sweat. Also, Fletcher Cox will break out a fun dance after a big play.

Ultimately, I think we’re looking at a 1-0 start for the Birds today. This isn’t a homer pick, this is me just believing the Falcons are a worse football team. Take the Eagles ML.

Eagles 27

Falcons 17

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