NFL Week 8 Picks and Parlays

It’s time to right the ship this week. I love the board this week and feel as i f perfection is attainable. That’s the fighting spirit of the American man. If only I carried the optimism/dedication/energy/enthusiasm I have on Sunday mornings making my picks into the rest of my life, I could probably be the head of a Fortune 500 company. Nonetheless, let’s have a day.


Patriots at Bills: Do the Patriots stink? I think they may stink. The Bills have to get over the Patriots hump and today couldn’t be more prime for the taking for them. Let’s roll with Buffalo and a spread cover -4.5.

Titans at Bengals: The Titans had a set back last week, but have a nice get right game with Cincinnati. I’m excited to watch Burrow every week, but fear for his life on every single play. Titans on the road and I like them to cover at -7.

Colts at Lions: The Lions were big benefactors of a dumb ass play by Todd Gurley. They face a much better coached team in the Indianapolis Colts coming off of a bye week. I like the Lions at home even against a good defense and the points +2.5.

Raiders at Browns: The Browns are 5-2 and I still don’t know what they are because they are the Browns. I know the Raiders have played every team tough this year and faced some of the very best teams while doing it. I like the Raiders D against Mayfield. Raiders as underdogs +1.5.

Rams at Dolphins: The Rams showed up on Monday Night and made the Bears look like what we all thought they were. Now they get Tua in his first start. It’ll go one of two ways. They’ll pick him off a couple times and dominate a game OR they don’t prepare for him and he keeps the Dolphins around the entire time. I still like the Rams on the road and a cover at -3.

Vikings at Packers: One fan base I never feel bad for is the Vikings. Mostly because they still cry to this day about Philadelphia fans being mean to them. Well guess what, I hope some fat Wisconsin native is really mean to you today. Packers at home and they roll with a cover too -6.

Jets at Chiefs: By the end of the night Sam Darnold will be the walking version of the PTSD Dog Meme. I think we all know the Chiefs roll in this one, but by how many? 19.5 and a half is A LOT. I mean the Jets are still a professional football team, right? That being said, I’m taking the Jets to cover at +19.5. I won’t feel bad if this loses because that is just an immense amount of points.

Steelers at Ravens: Big Ben you sly son of a bitch. Here we are thinking it’s all over for you last year and here we are watching you at 6-0.

Now for this game, I’m leaning Ravens. I think the Steelers have to trip up at least once this year and it’s going to be on the road against one of the best in the league. I like Baltimore -4 as well.

Chargers at Broncos: Herbert-Mania is taking off in everywhere, but LA because their fans are terrible. I just can’t get over that LA wasn’t going to start him this year. For the Broncos, everything about the game they played last week was a snoozefest besides the Chiefs and the snow. I like the Chargers on the road. However, I like the Broncos to keep it close enough to cover +3.5.

Saints at Bears: I guess I just hate the Saints. I don’t like writing up anything about them and their games all have the same rhythm to them. Brees throws one five yards for a 45 yard run after catch. Taysom Hill runs around like a moron and there fans cry about officiating. The Bears have a huge Matt Nagy problem. Maybe let Foles go full on player coach. With that being said, Bears at home (+4.5).

49ers at Seahawks: The best game of the afternoon skate takes place in Seattle. The 49ers continue to be banged up, but they hang tough with their defense and coaching. I just think Seattle is too good to lose this game at home, so we’ll roll with them (-3).

Buccaneers at Giants: Daniel Jones could be a Buccaneer with the swashbuckling good time he had in Philadelphia after last weeks game. The Bucs have started to fully unlock Tom Brady. Bucs win, but I’m going Giants to cover at +TB12.5.

Parlay Overs Edition: GB/MIN O49.5, Bills at Patriots O40.5, and TEN/CIN O50.5.

Disclaimer: I’m not a great gambler.

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