Eagles vs. Cowboys Preview

First and foremost, all Cowboys fans from the tri-state area with no local ties to Dallas are fraud scab pig wannabe losers that wear jean shorts and wife beaters under their jerseys . Jerry Jones is a weird old man with weird old man balls that he flaunts around his yacht. Mike McCarthy would be better off letting comedian Melissa McCarthy call a game. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get into the game.

The Offenses

I think it’s quite evident that the Eagles have a clear cut advantage in most of the positional groups. Carson Wentz would get the nod over Ben Dinucci by even the most critical Wentz haters. Dinucci does sound like one of those names that could potentially haunt us if he somehow comes in and wins this game.

Zeke has been fumbling the ball at an alarming rate. He needs to refocus his attention on holding onto the ball, like a boob at a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Every team has rush well against this Cowboys defense, so I anticipate the trio of Eagles runners to find space. Mike Nolan, you beautiful bastard, thank you for not being able to figure out how to utilize your two good young linebackers.

The Cowboys receivers are still a threat if they have time to get open and a QB who can deliver. I like Slay to shut down Cooper, but I don’t like the Lamb matchup out of the slot. For the Birds, I anticipate a big game from Fulgham. The Cowboys really can’t stop any receiver who gets locked in. Fulgham has shown to be the guy who can go up and deliver on a weekly basis as a threat for Carson. Nothing makes me happier than being able to pair them up with Goedert who makes his return tonight.

The Cowboys O-Line is banged up and their fans will let you know about it. They act as if the Eagles haven’t been playing with a band of boobs in front of Wentz at times. The Birds biggest problem could be not letting Mailata continue to start at LT. Put JP’s big ass at RG and if he’s needed at Tackle, you move him there. That’s the answer. Hopefully, Lane can get through more than one series and be his productive self.

The Defenses

The Eagles pass rush has been stellar. The group that was drug through the mud in the preseason has been their best entity. They do need much more from Hargrave up the middle. He’s talented and needs to transition into what they paid for. For Dallas, Aldon Smith has been their best at getting to the QB. Lawrence has had a down year.

The Eagles linebacker core got an addition by subtraction with the IR move of Nate Gerry. The previously mentioned Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch are extremely talented, but have been put in no win situations by the rest of the Cowboys defense.

The Cowboys Defensive Secondary has been toasted at times. I anticipate them really struggling to matchup against the mix of size and speed that the Eagles will roll out tonight. For the Eagles, Darius Slay has always had success locking down Amari Cooper. I think the success of the defense will rely on Nickell Robey-Coleman remembering how to play slot corner back. He may pull the tough card against Lamb and he needs to get it together or at least hustle after plays going away from him.

Special Teams

Zuerlin > Elliot …. Figure it out Jake.


I DO NOT anticipate an easy Eagles win, because when do we ever get those anymore? I do expect them to walk away tonight with a win though.

Eagles 27 Cowboys 20

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