What the hell did we watch yesterday? #flyeaglesfly

I hate being confused about how I feel. During yesterday’s game there were times were the Eagles stunk, then they were good, then they were the better team and then they lost. So how do we summarize our feelings after going through a game like that?

The Offense

Carson Wentz: Let’s get the bad out of the way. Carson needs to not do so much and get rid of the football when his depleted line can’t protect him. Other than that, it was the gutsiest performance of his career. Carson thrives when he has to string together a band of boobs through a game. He can’t do much more to get the ball into the hands of his players. He is literally hitting them in the hands or numbers without success. He is the last person that needs to shoulder any blame for what is going on in the standings. I am fully confident in Carson’s ability to string up wins in the next couple of weeks.

Offensive Line: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. Besides Kelce, Herbif and Mailata, the offensive line had an atrocious day. Jamon Brown was manhandled out there. MANHANDLED. Campbell threw him around like a baby. Driscoll went down which lead to the Brown/Toth tandem. I had never heard of Toth and only thought it was an ice planet in the Star Wars realm. Nonetheless, he was protecting Wentz. You could tell that Carson knew what was in front of him. I’m pretty sure his first read was the defensive line to his right side on every play. I can’t imagine what they will field on Thursday night.

Running Backs and Receivers: Hightower creates separation for himself. However, the balls that hit in him his hands are shortly on the ground afterward. It was a career day for JJAW. One fumble recovery and a two point conversion catch. Next stop, Canton. Fulgham continues to be the man of the hour and is going to be apart of this offense in the future. Greg Ward is dependable as usual. Ertz and Sanders both left the field and are scheduled for MRI’s. Sanders would be a monumental loss and possibly would be the worst of all the injuries this team has endured this year.


Defensive Line: The edge rushers did a great job of keeping contain of Jackson on the outside. I thought the interior also had a strong game. The Jackson touchdown run was their worst play of the game, but that would’ve been eliminated if there was a….

Linebackers: What are we doing Howie? Let’s keep acting like these are NFL quality players. Bradley is the most trustworthy guy back there at this point. Figure it out or prioritize it in the off-season.

Secondary: For the most part it was horrible. They still can’t figure out how to get off the field early in games, especially in long down situations. Slay keeps his players quiet. Just once, I’d love to see them actually come away with those tipped passes.

What’s next?

A meeting with the 1-5 NY Giants awaits. If they don’t win this game you might as well sell sell sell. However, I foresee a win in the future. Go birds.

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