Ravens at Eagles Preview

I remember back in high school getting ready to see these two heavy set gals get ready to brawl in the hallway. Everyone liked the one girl. We wanted to see her win in the worst of ways. However, her opponent was a heavy set transfer in from Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden with fist like rump roast. We knew the underdog had a big chance to get dragged around the hallway, but we held out hope because that’s what we wanted and needed. More to the story later, because today the Eagles are the likable portly girl from the story. Overmatched, undermanned and under qualified to compete with the Ravens. However, we hold out hope.

Keys to the

Gene J. Puskar/ Associated Press

Containing Lamar Jackson: They won’t stop him. Nobody fully stops him. You just need to slow him down enough. I need them to stop him so that CBS cameras don’t pan over to Jim Schwartz doing his god damn headset microphone adjustment every time we let up a big play. He has to be shitting in his Schwartz preparing to deal with Jackson. The best option for the Eagles (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) is to probably have Gerry spy Jackson. Gerry is clueless, but maybe if we give him ONE task of just following one player and NOTHING else he may find some success. He’s not a bad athlete. He has a bad athletes brain.

Feed Sanders: I know Dougie P will always be pass first, but you can’t waste Miles Sanders like we do. Let him get into rhythm on the ground and get him the ball in the air. He is the best overall offensive talent on the team, treat him as such.

Wake up Zach Ertz: Travis Fulgham has been great, but one man can’t do it all. The Pro Bowl Tight End wants people to stop saying he’s acting like a child, then come out and play a complete football game today. If I’m Wentz, I’d contemplate throwing the first pass right into his nut sack to get him motivated. If not it will all be confirmed that Julie is the winner of the household.

Need an interception free game: Of all the games that Carson can’t afford to turn the ball over, this will be the biggest. You can’t hand a loaded gun over to an assassin and not expect them to shoot you. That’s what you would be doing if you give Lamar Jackson extra opportunities to get on the field.

The Pick: While sitting at 1-3-1 is not ideal, we have to remember that the biggest division rival is without their Quarterback and the other two teams stink. “Your honor, permission to be bold with a pick?” You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. With the Linc “packed” with fans, I believe that the Eagles will play their most complete game of the season and walk away with a win. Birds 31 Ravens 27 .

PS: The underdog Husky Girl won the fight.

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