1-2-1 #GoBirds

I haven’t been this happy to write a blog in a long time. A collective sigh of relief can be breathed by the entire city of Philadelphia. The Birds found a way to go out to the west coast and return home with a win. I know people are going to point to the fact that we beat Nick Mullens, but the Eagles played with a cast of characters that couldn’t be picked out of a police lineup. Just as we predicted at the beginning of the year, the touchdowns were had by Fulgham and Singleton.

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Hey, we’ll take it any way we can get it. Fulgham actually made a play down the field that many Eagles receivers haven’t made in many years. If this Fulgham thing takes off, mark me down for a #13 Jersey size XL.

Sure, Carson Wentz threw a deflected interception. That being said, Carson played a really strong game. He’s reverting back to trusting himself in the running game. I mean he snatched some ankles out there on his touchdown run. He didn’t throw every ball perfectly, but this one to the previously mentioned Fulgham was on the money.

He also made a classic Carson Houdini act in a play that ended up not counting because of a penalty. His ability to do this is exactly why this city can’t give up on him.

It’s imperative that the GM of this team gets him a front line receiver. I couldn’t imagine what Carson would do with a receiver with a recognizable name. On the topic of offense, I have to give credit to Dougie P. He called a strong game and played to his Quarterbacks strengths. He may have played it too safe down the stretch, but the job got done.

The Eagles defense decided to play football tonight. We finally did the interception play which was nice. We actually did it twice.

The defensive line was disruptive the whole night. Barnett, Sweat and Avery played outstanding football games last night. Easily the best game of Averys tenure with the team. Barnett was taking Williams lunch out there. Josh Sweat is a player. He has really help quiet down the concerns of this pass rush.

All in all it was just great to see a win. It was great to see Carson flourish again. It was great to be in the top of the standings after 1 damn win. Let’s keep this train going and hope that Dallas can continue to not figure it out on defense.

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