NFL Week 4 Picks: Covid week is here

Well screw you Covid. Just leave the damn country. Oh wait, that’s probably our own faults for not following simple safety guidelines. Our country can’t have nice things. Anyway here’s the picks. Note: I’ve declined to put scores as I find myself putting the same one over and over again.

Jaguars at Bengals: The Bengals are coming off of a tie with the Birds and the Jags are the Jags. I’ll take Joey B at home in this one. Bengals in a sneaky shootout.

Browns at Cowboys: Can the Browns put together a 3-1 record? Can the Cowboys figure out how to play any defense or will they continue to look like a Big 12 defense? I think Mayfield makes just one mistake in this one to give the edge to Dallas.

Saints at Lions: Drew Brees has mastered checking down to Kamara. If I had a talent that good next to me, I would do the same. There is something about Detroit that always intrigues me though. I’m still rolling with the Saints as they go marching out of Detroit with win, but it’s close.

Seahawks at Dolphins: We’ve had the FitzMagic game. Which is just the average game for Wilson. Give me Seattle in a route.

Chargers at Bucs: The Bucs are banged up, but who isn’t? Chargers going across country with a rookie quarterback is a tough hill to climb. If they are smart they just get the ball into Ekler’s hands as much as possible. Bucs in a close one.

Ravens at Football Team: THE FIRST PLACE FOOTBALL TEAM THAT IS. However, I wouldn’t want to be that football team playing the Ravens off a loss. Ravens.

Cardinals at Panthers: Kyler Murray just needs to not turn the ball over in this game. He has a lot of intangibles that are in big time players, but just needs to protect the ball. I like what Matt Rhule is doing in Carolina. Upset of the week, Carolina at home.

Vikings at Texans: Man, I can’t think of a game I’d want to watch less. Watson is the only attractive feature in the game. I’ll go with butt chin O’Brien and the Texans.

Giants at Rams: If I didn’t hate the New York Giants, I would almost feel bad for what is about to ensue tomorrow. Rams should be able to control the entire football game for the win.

Colts at Bears: I’m intrigued by this game. Are either of these teams true contenders? Is Nicky Six going to continue to drop his big dong on top of opposing defenses heads? I’m going with that dang flabbit Phillip Rivers on the road for the win.

Bills at Raiders: Josh Allen is a legitimate problem for teams. Even Grud dawg. I think the Bills jump out to a 4-0 start after a win on the road.

Falcons at Packers: How are Falcons fans not dead yet? It’s worse than being a Birds fan at this point. They can’t stop many offenses. That will include Rodgers and the Packers.

Pats at Chiefs: If this one is played on Tuesday night, we’ll get to see a Brian Hoyer game. Unfortunately, he’s playing against Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs give us a Tuesday Night showcase in a win.

Parlay of the week: Sea -5.5 , Dallas -3.5 and Cin -2.5.

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