Smell ya later, Klentak. Also, Middleton is a turd.

I wish I was happier right now. I really, really wish I was. On a day where we saw Matt Klentak step down from the General Managers spot for the club, we are enraged by comments made by the owner. A man who said they’d spend “stupid money” to win. He elected to say the JT Realmuto is going to hit free agency, but with him being their top priority.

Okay, let’s watch the best overall talent on the roster just walk away (to possibly the Mets). You do not find talents like JT sitting in your minor leagues or in other free agents not named Realmuto. He needs to be here for the remainder of his prime years. If you’re a serious owner and want to win it’s the biggest no brainer this team could make. However, we’re going to let bidding wars ensue that Middleton doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to get involved with. It’s downright shameful. Not to mention we trade mini Pedro Martinez to get him. JOHN MIDDLETON TAKE OFF THE TOUPEE AND LET THE SENSIBLE TRANSACTION SOAK INTO YOUR HEAD. PAY THE MAN.

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