Eagles Post Game: Was life better without sports?

I want to say that I can’t believe that we are sitting here with an 0-2-1 record, but I can. It’s ugly. Plain and simple, it is just horrible. What is the worst part? Is it Doug forcing an offense that is predictable and stale? Is it Carson seeing ghost on the field whenever he is out there? Is it dumb penalties that bad teams take? It’s all the above.

The offense: The offense is stuck in a pattern of not being able to be successful because it is easy to game plan for it. It has run its course. There are no wrinkles to it. I have full confidence that a high school football coach could go out there and call a pretty successful game against it. It needs to be changed. Someone needs to be held accountable for the fact that we are staring at the same problems that have plagued us for three seasons now. Carson is playing scared. I don’t think that there is another way around it. He is still making bad choices. The most frustrating part is that he still shows flashes of the Quarterback that we know. He MUST find it. Someone on this coaching staff needs to dig it out of him.

Defense: Nate Gerry is the worst defensive player that I have ever watched suit up for this team. He is a full step behind each play because he has no idea what is going on out there. The defensive line was great today. Your big dogs ate up. Slay has been as good as advertised. The biggest problem is the bullshit sticks defense that has been horrible for multiple seasons. Your linebackers can’t make a tackle, why call a defense that requires them to do so? I don’t understand it.

The future: Where does this team go? Do we take this tie as a step in the right direction? Or do we just accept the reality that we tied with the worst team from one year ago. It is time for Carson Wentz to have a conversation with himself. It is time for him to become the quarterback that we know is in there. Push beyond the self made barriers that the team has created in front of him. It’s time to win a game on his (somewhat) healthy back.

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