Even though we’ve had college football for a few weeks now, today feels different. The SEC returns this afternoon and Saturday’s now feel right. Hearing that music just makes everything better. My couch becomes more comfortable, my pants are looser, my beer is colder and my wing farts are non existent to me, but not my wife. The voice of Verne Lundquist is more calming than any meditation video on the internet. The world is right.

The only positive thing about the COVID season is that we are going to jump head first into some really good games to start the season. Kentucky at Auburn might be the best on the day. Auburn could be on upset alert at home. I’m personally very excited to have my heart warmed by the sweet sounds of Coach O in a pregame interview.

Finding a replacement for Joey B isn’t going to be easy, but this could be Coach O’s moment to show that he has a machine down there that can fill in for the loss of great players. It will also be great seeing that crazy bastard Mike Leach on the sideline’s of the SEC.

Bloated face Lane Kiffin will be donning an Ole Miss visor for the first time against Florida. Kiffin definitely has his hands full as Florida has steadily been on the rise in recent seasons. Alabama will probably roll through Mizzou today and Saban will scream at a reporter or something along those lines.

I can’t wait to lay here for an entire day of college football. I am proud to be a useless human being during football season. Enjoy the slate of games today folks.

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