NFL Week 2 Picks

Week 2 is upon us and therefore it’s time to make our picks for the week.

Giants at Bears: The Bears seemed to find chemistry as the game went on last week. Mitch actually didn’t look as bad as one would assume that Mitch would look. The Giants has a tough start against a really stout Pittsburgh defense. I am a believer in Daniel Jones abilities. I do think he has a little Eli in him, where he will throw a really untimely interception. I think this ends up being a close one. Bears 21 Giants 17 .

Falcons at Cowboys: I never pick in favor of Atlanta because they have scorned me time and time again. It doesn’t make sense for them not to be able to put up points this week. They offensively still have some of the best weapons in football. The Cowboys ran into Aaron Donald last week. Literally. I think this could be a big game out of the ewok Zeke Elliot. HOWEVER (Stephen A Smith voice), I’m going to roll with Atlanta on the road in a shootout. I love the over in this game. Falcons 38 Cowboys 35

Lions at Packers: Well, it seems that A-A-Ron has found it again. I’m not sure why everyone dismissed him as a second tier quarterback. If you’re not named Mahomes or Jackson you probably aren’t a Quarterback that I would take over Rodgers. I feel for the Lions. They had a game won and literally let it slip out of their hands. They are definitely an improved team and they took my favorite draft pick Jonah Jackson in the third round who should be starting for our Eagles. I digress. I’m going with Green Bay. Packers 31 Lions 17.

Vikings at Colts: The Vikings ran into the previously mentioned Aaron Rodgers last week. The Colts ran into the buzz saw that is the Jaguars (Insert Rodney Dangerfield rolling his eyes). Give me Minnesota on the road. Vikings 28 Colts 20.

Bills at Dolphins: The Dolphins hung in against New England last week. They have the right building blocks in Miami, but they don’t have enough to hang with Buffalo. Buffalo looks every bit of being a contender in the AFC. Bills 24 Miami 10.

49ers at Jets: I feel bad for the Jets this week. They had Buffalo last week and now have to deal with San Francisco coming off of a tough loss. The Niners should roll in this one. Niners 35 Jets 14. This is also the LOCK of the week of Niners -7.

Broncos at Steelers: I’m so intrigued by the Broncos. I want to believe in what they are building. Is it enough to overcome a tough Steelers defense on the road? I don’t think so. Steelers 24 Broncos 14.

Panthers at Buccaneers: There has been a lot of finger pointing in Tampa Bay this week. They just looked like a clunky offense. Matt Rhule did the smart thing and rode CMC as much as he humanly could last week. The Panthers are not as bad as people have made them out to be. Ultimately I think Tampa wins this one, but it’s not a runaway win in my estimation. Bucs 24 Panthers 21.

Football Team at Cardinals: The Football Team showed a great rush as expected against a depleted Eagles Oline. Here’s the problem, they are going against the much improved Kyler Murray. I expect Arizona to handle Washington in this one. Cardinals 31 Football Team 17 .

Chiefs at Chargers: The Chiefs are better this year. Somehow, the rest of the League the CEH fall to Andy/Mahomes as a dangerous weapon out of the backfield. The Chargers snuck by the Bengals last week thanks to Randy Bullock and his cheeseburger locker stomach. The Chargers need a huge game out of their defensive line to stay close. Chiefs 38 Chargers 14.

Ravens at Texans: The Texans had to deal with KC off the bat, so it’s hard to get a read on this team. If David Johnson can get back into his form then they have a chance in this one. The Ravens kept on chugging in their opener against the Browns. I for one will be very excited to see these QBs play against each other. Here comes my upset of the week. Texans 27 Ravens 24.

Patriots at Seahawks: The Pats definitely look like they have found the way to utilize Cam Newtons strengths. It’s probably the best he has looked in years. The Seahawks look like a true contender in the NFC. This should be a fun one to end the a Sunday slate with. Seahawks 31 Pats 21.

Saints at Raiders: Drew Brees arm is finally slowing down. The good news is that Kamara is paid and running strong. Gruden will have his team ready for the opener of the stadium in Vegas, but it might be too much to overcome a better roster on the other side of the field. Saints 27 Raiders 17.

The Moneyline Parlay lost last week. That’s on me. This week it won’t lose. If it does I will be writing the same apology next week. I’m going ML on SF, GB and KC. Put a little more money down to reap the benefits of a can’t lose setup.

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