Phillies arrogance will keep them from the playoffs

Can John Middleton Bring Back the Phillies? | Philadelphia Magazine

The complete and total arrogance of the Phillies front office is what will keep this team from ever pushing forward. They are too arrogant to put together a competent bullpen. They are too smart to pay JT Realmuto what he is worth. They are such great baseball minds that they see a successful team on the field while we all see one headed into a shit hole abyss. This front office is what is holding this team back. You don’t assemble the talent that they have and then not go above and beyond (the luxury tax) to ensure that they are in a successful position.

This city is plagued by two front offices that are bigger problems than the players are. Sure, Brandon Workman is terrible and his fellow bullpen mates are just as bad, but I don’t blame bad players for playing bad. I blame the billionaires for running the same circus out there every night with no repercussions. So just stop John Middleton and Matt Klentak. Don’t tell me this team underachieved. YOU are the root of the underachievement. Take some responsibility for once.

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