NFL Week One Picks

Miami at New England: I really want to pick Miami in this game. They have had a big offseason, their coach is underrated and NE is coming into the year in unknown territory. Everything says that Miami should have a good chance even on the road. That being said every time you think New England has their backs against the wall, they come out of the corner biting back like an angry dog. I’m going to take New England in a tight one 24-20.

Seattle at Atlanta: A battle of some birds. The Falcons have done their typical bullshit of stacking up a roster of first round talent, which will either result in them being 6-10 or 13-3. Seattle has kept their foot on the peddle of adding talent to their roster. Jamal Adams gets thrown into the mix of the secondary after a big trade with the NYJ. My biggest concern for Seattle in this guy is the pass rush. You do not want to give Matt Ryan time to operate. However, I am still rolling with Seahawks. I love the weapons that Wilson has at his disposal. Seattle 27-20.

New York Jets at Buffalo: Feed me all the Bills hype. I can’t not buy into the Bills every year. I love giving Josh Allen the nice addition of Diggs. The Bills defense is going to be a difference maker. I think that the Jets are simply punting on this year in the hopes of getting the draft capital for Trevor Lawrence. Give me the Bills in this one 35-14.

Chicago at Detroit: This game involves two teams that I have no idea what to make of. The Lions appear to be on the right path under Patricia. They helped solidify the offensive line in front of Stafford. They are deep at WR and RB. Chicago is two years off of the double doink. Their season comes down to one thing and it is Quarterback play. I think you will see a very short leash on Trubisky with Foles on the sidelines. The Bears defense is still talented, but will it be enough to overcome the offenses shortcomings? I’ll take the home Lions in game one, 24-14.

Green Bay at Minnesota: Which team regresses more? That will be the biggest thing this year in the NFC North. Rodgers is another year older. Kirk Cousins doesn’t give a shit if he dies. This game is a coin toss. I’ll take Green Bay on the road, 27-24.

Las Vegas at Carolina: I can’t get used to the Vegas Raiders name. What the Vegas fans will be able to get used to is an improved team. I think that Gruden is slowly building the Raiders back into the Raiders of years past. Nelson Agholor will some how be a breakout star there. Matt Rhule and Joe Brady will do good things together in Carolina. I just think it is going to take a fair amount of time to get there. They should be waiting to get Justin Fields into that offense next year. I’m going Vegas 31-17.

Indianapolis at Jacksonville: One team is far superior to the other team. That is the only thing that needs to be known about this one. Phillip Rivers turns back the clock in this one. Colts 38-14.

Cleveland at Baltimore: OBJ likes to be “shitted on.” Does his team? Well in this game they probably won’t be “shitted on” but they may just be outclassed by the best team in the AFC North. Baltimore wins this one 35-20.

LA Chargers at Cincinnati: Joey B has some talent at the skill position. However, his offensive line may literally get him killed. The Chargers make me look dumb every year because I always believe in them. Must be the uniforms. I’ll take the Chargers in this one 24-14.

Tampa at New Orleans: The sexy pick will be Tampa. The right pick is New Orleans at home. I can’t wait to see Brady and Gronk somewhere other than dumb New England. Drew Brees arm is slowly falling off, but they mask it with superior talent at the skill positions. Saints win it close 27-24.

Arizona at San Fran: Arizona should be much better this year. I think that they could be in contention for that added wild card spot, but it won’t be for winning games against the 49ers. San Fran 27-13.

Dallas at LA Rams: The Rams need to have a rebound season here. Dallas needs to get out of it’s own way. I think that the Cowboys are going to come out strong in this one, as much as that pains me to say. Literally pains me. I’ll go Dallas 32-27.

Pittsburgh at NYG: Daniel Jones is going to be even better this year. Barkley is Barkley. The X-Factor is Big Ben and his ability to not have his body fall apart. The Steelers defense may be the best in the league. This could be a sneaky close game. I’m going with Pittsburgh 24-17.

Tennessee at Denver: Von Miller being hurt is a crushing blow to Denver. Their offense should be improved this year. Can the Titans continue to get the progression of Ryan Tannehill? They certainly hope so after paying him this offseason. I’ll go Titans 27-17.

Parlay Ticket to make: I’m going with the money line in all of these games. Colts, Raiders and Bills. Book it, win it.

DISCLAIMER: I AM A MEDIOCRE SPORTS GAMBLER . All odds were taken from the Fanduel Sports book app.

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