Phillies baseball is fun again

What is this feeling of joy and pride I am feeling in our baseball team? I don’t believe I have felt this since October of 2011. The Phillies lineup is firing on all cylinders. Let’s face it we all know that this is the part of the team that powers the locomotive. The FIghtin’s have won 7 of 8 and have rebounded from the complete shit show that they were just two weeks ago. We really need to thank the dumbass Nationals social media team for this gem.

Fun fact, they have played like dog shit against the Phillies since tweeting it.

They have gotten gems out of Aaron Nola. Wheeler and Eflin have thrown big games for them. Spencer Howard gets his first career W. Jake Arrieta has been at the stadium too. Jake is the last piece of the puzzle for this rotation. If we can just get 70% of the old Jake, then we’d be getting a useable starting pitcher. The top two dogs in the rotation are going to keep you in pretty much every game that they pitch in. Eflin is now a guy who has the ability to go strikeout 10 batters in every outing. Spencer is going to figure this out. SO it really does come back to Jake.

Like I said earlier, the lineup is chuggin. Andrew “Uncle Larry” McCutchen is humming right now. Rhys Hoskins is as hot as they come at the plate. I mean we’re talking Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, levels of hotness right now. Yes, Tiffani Amber Thiessen was 18 at the time of the release of the made for TV classic. Alec Bohm is a professional hitter. He is hitting the ball to every part of the ballpark. He does a rare thing these days of hitting a pitch where it is thrown. He doesn’t get caught rolling over a pitch to the on the outside of the plate, he stays back and drives it to right field. I really wish fans were in the stadium because you know there would be some 40+ year old woman with a gut holding a sign about Alec giving her a Lady Bohmer (boner). This team is actually getting timely hitting. Bryce and JT have cooled a bit, but their presence in the lineup makes everyone around them that much better.

The bullpen. The bar was set pretty low for this group of ballers. I always try to give credit where it is due. They have shown improvements. The addition of Phelps should really help would a lot. He is a proven reliable arm at the back end of a pen. Workman makes any appearance interesting. I won’t be shocked if he is not the closer in a few days. Hembree has good stuff, just has made some bad pitches in a couple different spots. Hector is the X-factor. He needs to find his form that he has shown in the past. He is mind numbingly infuriating to watch at times. However, he flat out has their most lights out stuff from the bullpen when he is on. Also, sign me up as a member of the JoJo Romero fan club. Not only has he looked good, but he just looks like a guy who knows he will get the job done when he comes out of the pen. Crazy mustache, long hair and a sleeve tattoo. For God Sake’s if this bullpen can figure it out, I really think this team makes the expanded postseason.

We NEED a Phillies team in the Postseason. The fact that the last appearance concluded with Ryan Howard tearing his Achilles is crazy. I can’t even imagine what the Phandemic would be like out there during a postseason game. Bag pipe guy is my new hero.

Keep up the energy out there. Nothing better than people getting annoyed by Philly fans for being passionate about their teams.

Let’s go Phils.

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