So you’re telling me there’s a chance, Flyers. #anytimeanywhere

Well, it was ugly down the stretch, but they got it done. Why can’t this team make it look easy anymore? I thoroughly enjoyed when we used to route teams like 5-1 and I’d be able to talk that shit online in confidence. Now I cower behind my keyboard waiting for the game to be blown. The Flyers last five minutes of the third is a perfect indication of the flaws of a young team with limited playoff experience on the roster.

Thankfully, the guys who have been in big postseason spots stepped up to the plate last night. Claude Giroux FINALLY gets on the board. JVR, who has gotten a lot of deserved shit, has played as hard as anyone the past few games and was rewarded for the same. The next step is going to be to attempt to carry this momentum into Thursday, which is something they have failed to do all series. It would be really ideal if Carter Hart decided to do the shutout thing again for the next two games. Life was much easier when you know he is locked in. We really need to hope that Coots can play on Thursday. Even if you sneak by another win without him, you’re not going to last long with him sidelined. All in all, I am not going to bitch and moan about a playoff OT win too much. The good guys stay alive and give us the slim amount of hope that we were all hoping for. Let’s go Flyers.

PS: If I see one more Islanders fan bitch about the delay of game, we’re throwing hands right then and there. They literally had a player set up a beach chair in the crease for a goal.

PSS: Jean-Gabriel Pageau’s name really bothers the living shit out of me.

PSSS: There is nothing worse than having to take a dump during an OT game. You’re sweating because of the game and you’re sweating because your body is gently reminding you of the need to get the toxins out of your butt.

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