Restart the Process

The 76ers season mercifully came to an end on Sunday as they were swept in 4 games by the rival Boston Celtics. Most likely this is the end of Brett Brown’s tenure in Philadelphia, and it could be the end of “The Process” era as we know it. It’s difficult not viewing what has transpired with this team as anything but a colossal failure.

While Brett Brown is certainly not exempt of blame for the ineptitude of this team, he is hardly the only one to blame here. Elton Brand constructed a roster that was incompatible, the signings of Horford and Harris are laughable, and the financial burden they bring to the club will be felt long beyond this season. I do feel bad for Brett Brown in a sense as he endured years of losing only to find himself at the helm of a rudderless ship. However, I do feel he was largely responsible for Jimmy Butler walking last summer. Butler was a leader and a stabilizer, and was a guy who could have continued to challenge Embiid and Simmons to be better.

I guess the most difficult thing as a fan now, is where does this team go at this point? It would be difficult for the fanbase to swallow a trade of one or both of their young superstars, but drastic measures must be taken to surround them with the talent they need to be successful. Unfortunately, the front office has squandered the valuable assets which would help make that process (no pun intended) much easier. In terms of guys who could replace Brett Brown, Jay Wright is obviously the home run option in the coaching market–but that seems like a stretch. Dave Joerger, Ty Lue, Ime Udoka, and Stan Van Gundy are other early candidates that have been mentioned. I am not sure if any of those names necessarily should excite the fanbase.

I guess for now we wait and see if the organization can push the right buttons to get this team back on track. However, until this team is significantly improved I don’t think anyone will be trusting their “process”.

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