Hurts So Good?

Eagles turn heads with Jalen Hurts selection, GM says quarterback ...

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the football world last night when they drafted Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts with the 53rd overall pick. I do not understand the pick from any point of view. Hurts is a tremendous player with huge upside potential, that is not what should be in question here. However, I fail to see how this move helps the team in the short-term.

What I am fearful of the most is how does this affect Carson Wentz? The Eagles 27-year-old bonafide franchise QB needed weapons, and instead, you brought in a guy who will be aiming to take his job. It’s just an absurd use of premium draft capital, that neglectfully prioritized want over need.

Howie Roseman is a tremendous cap specialist, perhaps one of the best, if not the best in the league. However, he is a suspect talent evaluator at best. This pick reeks of needing to be the smartest guy in the room, who knows better than everyone else.

I hope Jalen Hurts becomes a successful player. I hope he can be an asset to the Birds now and in the future. However, to pass on drafting a Denzel Mims, AJ Espensa, or Zack Baun? I don’t get it. I just feel years from now we will still be wondering what could have been…

Spin Zone: Imagine breaking out this John Cougar Mellencamp classic when Jalen scores a touchdown.

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