Be mad at the board, not Jalen Reagor

We have had almost 24 hours to digest the first round of the NFL Draft. There have been a lot of irrational thoughts thrown around involving the Eagles selection of Jalen Reagor. Hell, in the heat of the moment I had irrational thoughts. However, I found myself mad at the way the draft board teased us, not at the talent of Jalen Reagor. Lamb kept falling and we started to salivate like my dog Boyd staring at some cheap blue tin cookies. I think most of our over the top reactions occurred because that slimeball Jerry Jones took the best WR off the board only a few selections before the Birds got to him. Jerry made the spiteful move of adding to a position that they didn’t need to add to. Jerry gonna Jerry.

None of this should take away from the talent that the Eagles are receiving in Jalen Reagor. He is explosive on the field. Don’t feed me the bullshit of his 40 yard dash time. There is a difference between combine speed and football speed. Reagor has football speed. He also was playing with subpar talent at the QB position at TCU. Put Reagor with Tua, Burrow, or Hurts and we are talking about him being potentially the first WR off the draft board. The Eagles needed a playmaker in round one and they got one. That’s without even getting into the fact that Jackson/Reagor on the outside will open up space for Ertz, Goedert, and Sanders. Reagors size should not overshadow the fact that he is excellent at the high point of the football. His athleticism more than makes up for the height. Everyone take a deep breath. Our QB made a bunch of practice squad members look like NFL players last year. Reagor will be just fine here.

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