RIP Sweet Music Man

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Yesterday, the news of Kenny Rogers passing hit me like a ton of bricks. The country music legend captured the attention of audiences with his velvety voice, and charismatic aura. Kenny Rogers was like a love child of James Bond and Santa Claus. He was undeniably cool, yet hopelessly sincere. In short, I loved him.

I went to a Kenny concert a long time ago, the show was a part of his Christmas & Hits Tours. I sat surrounded by a sea of jean jackets and American flag sweatshirts. There was one man there in a Kenny Rogers varsity jacket–my condolences to you sir. The first half consisted of Kenny singing condensed versions of his greatest hits in approximately 30 minutes, and the second half consisted of him trying to belt out Christmas classics. Truly mesmerizing.

Enjoy Kenny’s version of “Let it Snow”

I’ll miss the Gambler he was one of a kind. I suggest taking my RIP Kenny playlist out for a spin today.

Warning: This playlist may cause unexpected pregnancy.

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