Malcolm Jenkins: Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Famer

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to let Malcolm Jenkins hit the free agency market. I understand the financial decision that was made by the team. However, I strongly disagree with the football decision that was made. If there was a heartbeat for a team in this league, it was Jenkins for the Eagles. He embodied everything you’d like to see in a professional athlete. He is quite frankly the exact definition of a professional on and off the field.

Malcolm joined the team as a free agent signing in 2014. Probably the best thing Chip Kelly ever did during his tenure besides yelling “Yo Philly” during the Wing Bowl. Everyone was disappointed the team did not sign Jarius Byrd and shrugged off the Jenkins signing for the most part. Little did the fan base know that Malcolm would become one of the most influential players in the history of the franchise.

Malcolm made more than his fair share of big plays during his time here. The 99-yard interception for a touchdown against the Pats, the hit on Brandin Cooks in the Super Bowl and many more. Malcolm was the player you needed to win a Super Bowl. When the presumptive MVP Wentz went down in 2017-18, Malcolm threw all of the team’s support behind Nick Foles to help rally around him. Malcolm spoke out against locker room cancers. He was a Philadelphia Eagle. I hope that we do not look back on this moment like we did when Dawkins walked away. Hopefully, Malcolm gets paid well and plays somewhere outside of the NFC East. I look forward to when we can recognize him as an Eagles Hall of Famer because he sure deserves it.


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