Songs to sing with neighbors during COVID-19 quarantine

I know this isn’t sports related, but we don’t really have much to talk about right now besides the virus. We have to make the best of the potential lockdown of the country. Italian people have been crushing the quarantine. Doing things like playing tennis between windows, having their Air Force performing inspirational flights and the neighbors all leaning out their windows singing like little Pavarotti’s.

I want to be prepared if this happens in our country. We need a list of bangers that you can sing with your neighbors while on lockdown. Here is a list of what will be the most enjoyable.

  1. Bill Withers- Use me

I’d become the Alpha male of the neighborhood if I sang this out my window to all those mothers sheltered in place, while their husbands just wither (Bill Withers pun) in the corner.

2. Abba- Fernando

Feel like this would be a good chance for the gals of the neighborhood to show off their pipes. I’d grab an old bag of rice to play as an instrument for this one.

3. Notorious BIG ft. P. Diddy – Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

This would be a make or break moment for a lot of the neighbors. Are you some boring square who doesn’t know great music? Or do you know the stylings of the lyrical genius that was Biggie. If they don’t join in on singing this one, they should be isolated in their shed.

4. Maxine Nightingale: Right Back Where We Started From

Maybe the biggest banger to come out of the 70s. Would be a good inspirational song to keep the folks going after staring at walls and playing with their puds for weeks on end. Little dance party in the windows.

5. Andrea Bocelli- Por Ti Volare

If my neighborhood is gonna show up the rest of the world, than we need to hit them with a heavy hitter. I believe that my delightful, quiet Indian neighbor would blast this song into outer space. I just need to add a fly over with the American Flag to this one to really drive the inspiration home.

Feel free to comment on whatever song’s you think would make for hits throughout the neighborhoods.

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