Phillie Phanatic lookin like a snack

It is not an understatement to say that I was more nervous for the Phillies Phanatic’s makeover than I am for the 2020 Presidential election. Only one of those events will affect my daily psyche. Changing something like the Phanatic is like saying that you want to add a big dangling dong between the Statue of Liberty’s legs. It’s just something that shouldn’t happen. However, the Phillies have found themselves entrenched in a legal battle over the Phanatic with the artists who created him. So the Phillies had to make some changes to put a stronger court case together. First off, what is the price these people are asking for? I’d cut them a check for $5 million and tell them to beat it. Does anyone involved with this care that they are treating the Phanatic like a child during their parent’s divorce proceedings?

All in all the changes to the big guy are not that drastic, which should make the large majority of the fanbase pretty happy.

He’s slimmed down a bit, probably from all those pelvic thrusts his dishing out. Some more blue fur to the eye area and a light blue tail. They gave my dude a nose job that would make Jennifer Grey weep with joy. The only thing that made me upset about this was the kicks they put on him. Get the Phanatic his own line of Nike’s.

Ultimately, we should be happy that we aren’t getting changes to the Phanatic’s personality. The personality that has made him the best mascot in sports for so many years (GTFOH Mr. Met).

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