Philadelphia sports talk radio is beyond outdated

I have listened to WIP essential my entire life. Especially the Morning Show. However, this morning I was sent into a rage when I read this tweet. The media of this city is constantly trying to pit the fans against players. I get it, the Sixers are playing atrocious at the time. Making Simmons and Embiid the fall guys for a poorly constructed roster is asinine. It’s conversations like this one that happens on the airwaves that drive players away from wanting to play in our city. Especially our young players who are still learning how to win in this league at an elite level. So with that being said, we need a New World Order of Philadelphia sports media.

I get so tired of hearing the same bitching and moaning every single day from all of the radio stations. Wahhhhhhhhh. I wouldn’t want to play in this city if every time I turned on the radio, I had to hear how horrible of a player and person I am. Can you imagine being a great employee in a shit company and every failure comes back on you, even though you’re the only one driving it toward success?

The old way of thinking in the media is way out of touch. We let them control the narrative of everything in this city. I get frustrated with the effort just as much as everybody else, but it doesn’t mean that the first reaction we should have is to want to ship our star players off to a third world county in exchange for a bag of dog turds. I get so tired of us going after the players when the organization has been faltering for years. Sometimes it’s better just to keep your mouth shut and only talk about the more pressing issues.

Disclaimer: the only people immune to sounding like idiots on the radio are the former players who understand how this professional sports thing all works.

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