Philadelphia Roll Patrol

Credit to KFC Radio of Barstool Sports for the quality video share. That being said, how do I become a member of the Philadelphia Roll Patrol? I feel like Acme needs this more than loss prevention security. I mean can you imagine picking up a roll behind this guy. I don’t want to eat a roll that a close family member touches, let alone a roll that Philly Vanilla Ice has been manhandling and sniffing. If you typed in Kensington into Google Images the results would yield a picture of the perp from this video. The confidence that our hero exudes when he slaps him with the “Roll Patrol” is amazing. Get this man a badge. Hell get this man a gun while he’s at it. He should be the new Sheriff of Delaware County for this act. I’m praying to God this isn’t staged because Mr. Roll Patrol deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom for this act.

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