I already love Joe Girardi

If you’re going to watch anything today, take a minute to watch this piece that was put together by John Clark from NBC Sports Philadelphia. John, mostly known as an expert Philadelphia airport stalker, highlights a new friendship between Joe Girardi and Pete Brodzinski. Pete was at Phillies camp with his brother, catching coach Greg Brodzinski, when the friendship began. Pete has Down syndrome, but his love for the Phillies is what should define him.

Joe got ahold of Pete and invited him to hangout with the Phillies coaching staff. Pete described it as a very fun experience. Pete wanted to take a little BP which would have made him the 72nd man in camp. I’m all for letting someone take BP because they could be discovered as a valuable bench bat for the team. After the day was over, Pete said that he and Girardi were now best friends “always and forever.”

Joe Girardi just gets it. Not only as a baseball manager, but as a human being. He says that our job is to make the world a better place and boy did he make someone’s world that much more special with this act. I for one need a Pete Brodzinski jersey because he is now my favorite staff member in the Phillies clubhouse.


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