Wawa Burgers?

Wawa is apparently thinking of dipping its toe in the burger and fries market, and I for one am intrigued.

We know Wawa can execute a hoagie. It is a perfectly sufficient sandwich for the person on the go, and like most quick service delicacies it’s made infinitely better after a night out at your local watering hole.

Image result for wawa hoagie

I just don’t know how they will fare in the burger game. How is the burger going to be cooked? Where is the burger going to cooked? Will I see some person flipping burgers when I got get my Flamin Hot Cheetos at 2am? Will there be some kind of crazy hoagie/burger hybrid? Like the nightmare fuel posted below.

Image result for hoagie burger

These are the questions I need answers to.

Image result for i need answers

Plus, we’re already drowning in a sea of burgers to begin with in this area. Why I am going to the Wawa for a burger? The competition will be stiff. The OG joints have been in the game for years (i.e. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy’s).

Image result for ronald mcdonald and grimace og

Not too mention we have newfangled jawns like Zin Burger and Shake Shack, that have a little touch of sophistication to go with their efficiency.

I’m pulling for Wawa. I just don’t see this being a fair fight.

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