The Zack Attack

There’s been a Zack Attack!–and I am sad to report I am not talking about this Zack Attack.

What a heater…

Unfortunately, unlike the Zack Morris led rock group, it does not appear Zack Wheeler and Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen will be friends forever anytime soon..

Image result for zack wheeler and brodie van wagenen

The new Phillies right-hander has voiced his frustration that the team expressed little interest in retaining his services this off-season, telling Greg Joyce of the New York Post he heard “crickets” from the Mets before signing with Philly in December. Citing the reason as to why “Because it’s them” and “It’s how they roll”

Van Wagenen wasted little time on Friday firing back shots of his own. The Mets GM pointed out Wheeler’s injury history and lack of consistent success, as reasons to why the team was not interested in a reunion. Here are Van Wagenen’s comments to Tim Healy of Newsday:

Our health and performance department, our coaches all contributed and helped him parlay two good half-seasons over the last five years into a $118 million. I’m proud of what our group was able to help him accomplish. I’m happy he was rewarded for it. Players deserve to be rewarded when they perform well. More than anything else, I’m thrilled with the pitching staff we have.”

This is was a full on Zack Attack by Brodie.

Sure, Wheeler initiates the exchange, but to go this level of petty? Calling out a guy publicly for their inability to stay healthy is bush league. Not to mention Wheeler made 31 starts, and pitched 195 innings last season.

Image result for brodie van wagenen

However, I guess that is to be expected from a guy named Brodie Van Wagenen. Brodie Van Wagenen is the most fake name of all-time. It screams I am an insecure billionaire, with an Asian fetish– just a clown name.

I will not sit idly by while Brodie the Bully attacks our new bald king.

Image result for zack wheeler

Come get a taste Van Wagenen, me and my bald brothers will be waiting for you.

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