This kid deserves a wedgie

Bullying is bad.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, this kid needs to get bullied for this. First off it’s just a terrible joke. Embum? Come on bro be better. This is an elementary school level attempt to make a joke. I can tell by the back of this kids head that I would just hate him. That hair reeks of prep school. The back of his head makes me think he would be the bad guy in a 90s high school movie. Standing there all smug and proud of his poor joke. Hey dude, the people are laughing at you, not with you.

It really bothers me that he wrote the letters in different colors than what’s on the jersey. If you’re gonna make a half assed joke, at least whole ass your efforts to make it look good. This kid needs to learn a lesson. He deserves public humiliation via being atomic wedgied at the half court during the next home game. The Sixers can send him with a parting gift of a custom jersey with the name Douche on the back.

Fixed it

If the kid wearing this jersey somehow reads this article, thanks for the support.

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