Ronnie the Old Girl/Woman Scout

I’ve scrolled past this photo on Twitter for a day now. I think most people legitimately saw the photo at a quick glance and assumed that Ronnie was a female figure from WWII. Nope Ronnie is just the oldest active girl scout on the Earth. I can say that with confidence. Let’s get one thing out of the way. She’s graduated from Girl Scout ranking. That happened approximately 80 years ago, give or take a day or two. Ronnie the Lady Scout became a girl scout in 1932. This old lady has been slinging Thin Mints before the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima. That’s an absolutely crazy thought. How many boxes of cookies has she sold in her lifetime? I did the hypothetical math on Ronnie’s possible sales. According to the internet, the average Girl Scout sells 150 to 200 cookie boxes a year. First of all, I know why we have an obesity issue in the country. Second, lets split the difference and say that Ronnie sold 175 a year. 88 years of sales times 175 boxes of cookies = 15,400 boxes off cookies. Thats astounding. Mind blowing actually. Some girls will be the top sellers in their troops for five years and never sniff those numbers. Mostly because the average Girl Scout probably bounces from the troop before their 18th birthday. I have never been committed to anything in my life more than Ronnie is committed to the cookie game. That includes my marriage. Ronnie dedicated 88 years to cookies, I’m not sure my wife will get more than a solid 40 years out of me before I take a dirt nap. Well Ronnie, I’ll tip my cap to you. Supporting diabetes for 88 years.

Image result for ronnie the girl scout

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