Name that former subpar Philadelphia athlete

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Alright let’s strap in for another edition of name that former subpar Philadelphia athlete. Let’s review the rules, you get some clues, you make a guess and you either win or lose. Pretty simple. Today’s prize is a $25 gift card to the Charlie Browns Steakhouse located in beautiful Maple Shade, NJ. *disclaimer: we are not responsible if the business is now closed**

  1. He was a fan favorite from the years 2000-2005
  2. He was a very versatile fielder for the Phillies during that time frame
  3. He once struck out on a pitch that hit him directly in the dingus.
  4. He was famous for being a big shaving cream pie to the face bandit.
  5. He was an emergency pitcher during the years that emergency pitchers were needed due to the terrible teams
  6. Very Venezuelan

It’s Tomas Perez!!

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This mans jersey should hang in Ashburn Alley. Tomas Perez was the character on a team where there was not much to root for. Here is a couple of Tomas Perez’ career highlights.

Image result for tomas perez groin

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