Philly, stop being pansies about Embiid.

So what, he told us to shut up. Are we really ones to judge people on speaking out? As long as the big man puts up numbers, I don’t care if he leaves a flaming bag of dog shit on my front steps. Philadelphia sports media and radio heads can’t help themselves from trying to drive a giant wedge in between the fans and the players. How about we direct all shushes, pipe downs and stfu for the talking heads. I’d like to volunteer to be Joel Embiid’s personal shush man. Someone pipes up in the crowd, I’m popping up with perked lips and a finger pointed to the heavens while delivering a librarian level SHUSH. I also love that Jo-Jo is playing the role of villain while still knowing he is the fan favorite. 10/10 delivery on the Batman line too. #trusttheprocess

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