Big Red’s Beeline to BBQ

Today the nation watched as Chiefs fans tore Kansas City to the ground during their Super Bowl parade this morning. The parade which featured a police car chase, and a guy falling out of a tree with his butt hanging out, was a spectacle to behold. However, I feel this pales in comparison to the monumental move Andy Reid pulled off yesterday.

Big Red is no stranger to food. Sunday night he exclaimed “I’m gonna go get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen” on NFL Network after winning the Super Bowl, has compared his grandchildren to sweet and sour pork, and knows a thing or two about Kansas Que.

So, I suppose it should not be all that surprising that Andy made a beeline to get some smoked meat delights at Q39 BBQ, immediately upon his return to Kansas City on Tuesday.

Like immediately as in left the tarmac and went there. Not stopped home and dropped his bags off, said hi to his friends and family, and then went to get BBQ. Nope, just straight to BBQ.

This is a fat guy move of epic proportions. The man’s feet barely touched KC soil and he’s on his way grub–truly awe-inspiring. Andy’s order at Q39 was a meal fit for a champion, I would expect nothing less.

Big Red went with burnt ends, onion straws, mac and cheese, and a diet coke (you gotta keep em honest). What a symphony of flavor that could only be produced by a maestro as skilled as Andy. Just a masterpiece of an order.

While I am glad that Andy got to enjoy a lovely meal with his adoring fans, I can’t help but think Kansas City could have done him one better. I think all of the BBQ pit-masters in KC should have banded together, and brought an All-You-Can Eat BBQ spread to the tarmac when Andy arrived.

Imagine Andrew’s cherub face as he walked down the airplane stairwell, feasting his eyes on racks of ribs as far as the eye can see.

It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

Clark Hunt, Andy Reid

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