Lets take a gander at the Sixers trade

Well, well, well look who the Sixers have drug back in. It me. They’ve drug me back in. Like a mentally trying romantic relationship that I can’t get away from.

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I was ready to write this season off. I know that is really premature considering the fact that the team does have so much talent up and down the roster. I just wanted to continue to write articles about them being muppets. However, we get hit last night with a Woj bomb in the middle of the night. I was in my second REM cycle at this point. I wasn’t getting up even if my wife told me the house was on fire.

The deal includes the Sixers receiving Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks from the Golden State Warrior in exchange for 3 Second Round picks over three seasons. That’s the equivalent of Elton Brand sitting down at the cafeteria table with a lunch bag of three raisin boxes and trading for 2 fruit roll ups. Now they aren’t names the pop off the screen at you, but they are two guys playing very well right now.

Burks, is averaging 16 PPG and 5 Rebounds. He is a guy that will be able to score from all three levels from the guard spot. Glenn Robinson III, a former process era Sixer, has been very efficient from beyond the three point. Shooting 40% from beyond the line and averaging 13 PPG is pretty solid for a team that lacked bench depth and outside shooting. The Sixers had a hole in their roster where a shooting threat was supposed to be, just like Harvey Weinstein has a hole where his testicles are supposed to be. I’ve never been happier to see someone get accused of having a deformed crotch than that chunky piece of shit. Also the courtroom sketch artist deserves a big pay raise for this.

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I’d have to guess that this could spell the end of Trey Burke’s time with the team and possibly Jonah Bolden as the team needs two roster spots. I’d have to think that they are the most logical solution.

Now this team just needs to get Al Horford to not playing like he has a bag of sand in his pants, Mike Scott to resemble some form of what he was last year and Ben/Joel to figure out spacing on the court together. If all of these things happen, we’ll be parading down Broad Street after not losing another game for the entire season.

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