The Phillies need Kris Bryant

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I’ll start out by saying that the Phillies have made moves this offseason that should net them at least 5-7 more wins. That being said, being a mid 80 win team is not going to get it done in what could be the most competitive division in baseball. If the Phillies and management are serious about continuing to progress toward winning again, they need to pull the trigger and make a deal for Kris Bryant possible.

The inherent risk is there when you deal one of your top prospects like an Alec Bohm. He seems to have great potential that could be infused to a lineup within the next two years. However, potential is exactly just that, potential. Why not go make the deal for an MVP, pay the luxury tax and turn in one of the best lineup cards on a daily basis. Lets analyze a hypothetical deal to attempt to land Bryant, who is still under contract for two years.

With having two years of control, the Cubs can now demand a higher return for Bryant. The Cubs will want either Bohm or Spencer Howard. I’m more bullish on moving Howard than I am with Bohm. The need for Bohm will lessen once you acquire Bryant. One of the only knocks on Bohm is that he will have to transition to first base at some point. So lets hypothetically say that we are starting this deal by placing Bohm, Medina (SP) and Mickey Moniak as your prospects. The Cubs will more than likely desire a return of a starting caliber player in return right now. I would do whatever it takes to not put Scott Kingery in the deal. I’d float Jean Segura out to the Cubs with the prospects and see if they bite.

You could walk out with a daily lineup of: McCuthchen LF Bryant 3B Harper RF Hoskins 1B Gregorius SS Realmuto C Kingery 2B Haseley CF Pitcher

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That lineup gets me all hot and bothered. Every-time the lineup card gets posted on twitter, I’d have to ensure that I had loose dungaree’s on due to the immediate blood flow rush toward my crotch. It would be one of the deepest lineups in baseball. Now it clearly doesn’t fix the fact that we are still rolling out the back end of rotation or the holes in the bullpen, but it would certainly mask some of the problems.

It also wouldn’t hurt bringing in Bryant to play with his best friend Harper. You would have to imagine that signing him long term would become exponentially easier if they were together. Then one day I’d run into them at the store and they’d add me into the fold. Just three best pals talking baseball and going on lavish vacations that they’d have to spot me some cash on. Now I’m too emotionally invested in this idea. I need it to happen John Middelton. Don’t let me down or I’ll take that rug right off your head (if that’s your real hair its great and plz trade for Bryant). Lets make it happen.

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