Eagles promote Press Taylor

The Eagles announced that they will be promoting Press Taylor and adding the title of Passing Game Coordinator. To quote Shania Twain, that don’t ImPRESS me much. Nothing against Press Taylor, but we’re not getting any new thought process thrown into the offensive planning meetings that desperately needs it. For two years the Eagles have been predictable at times when possessing the football. I know that most of the fan base is hoping that this doesn’t mean that we won’t see someone hired for the Offensive Coordinator position. I still hope that Jim Caldwell gets brought in. I think he’s the perfect guy to do the job. Great experience, but not a guy that’s going to be breathing down Doug’s neck. Caldwell is so calm that it’s hard to tell if he is actually breathing at times. Nonetheless he was at the helm for Quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Matthew Stafford. You’ve gotta think that would only help your franchise quarterback out. Nonetheless we’ve got Press Taylor and it’s about as exciting as watching a turtle drop a deuce. That’s actually pretty exciting to see, so we’ll just go with watching paint dry.

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