Well this is NOT the way I wanted to start my weekend. Sure, this news broke last night, but it just hit my news feed this morning. Today is a day that we will long remember and mourn. Glenwood “Glenny” the Turkey was abducted and euthanized, right off of the streets of Haddon Heights. Young King was known to walk about Haddon Heights, doing turkey things like pecking at cars and causing a general nuisance. Now I’ll be the first one to admit that the wild turkey’s that walk around my neighborhood are in fact a nuisance. However, none of them are named Glenny. In fact, I bet none of them have any names at all. Just turkey. For every 10 nasty wild turkeys out there, there is one Glenny who is looking to make some pals in suburban South Jersey. I have read multiple articles on Glenny this morning and it really sounds like it was a SEAL TEAM SIX operation to go onto the Funny Farm Sanctuary to capture him and kill him for being a disease threat. Just more slander thrown upon the best thing to happen to Haddon Heights in years. Also if you call the cops about turkeys blocking traffic, you are a bigger problem than the turkeys. LONG LIVE GLENNY. KING OF THE TURKEYS.

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