Eagles at Steelers: Week 5 Preview and Prediction

Well, can we go a third straight week without losing? Can the small amount of fans allowed in the stadium make a difference? Can the pass rush continue to assert themselves as a presence on the field? Let’s break it down (DX voice).


Photo credit: USA Today

Carson Wentz vs his brain: Can Carson continue to trust himself? He did last week and it paid off. When he shuts off the part of his brain that makes the really dumb decisions, we get left with the really good quarterback that we know. Someone needs to continue to block those brain waves from entering into the game today against one of the best defenses in the league. Carson needs to stay the course. Keep utilizing your legs, your safe routes and don’t force the big play when it’s not there. We know that the elite ability is in there, just keep tapping into it without doing too much.

Photo Credit: Fox Sports

Jordan Mailata VS Steelers Pass Rush: Mailata has all of the physical abilities to play left tackle in the NFL. He proved that last week. How will he adjust to defenses having tape on him and sending additional pressure? His biggest advantage (besides his giant stature) is his coaching on the sidelines. Jeff Stoutland might be the best individual positions coach this franchise has had. Stoutland always has his guys ready to go. Lane Johnson goes down? Boom, Driscoll steps in without missing a beat. The best thing for Mailata is to be around a football mind like Stoutland. I envision Jordan getting better every single game, so I expect another solid one today.

Eagles DL VS. Big Ben: The Eagles defensive line was dominant last week. They need another one of those performances today. Derek Barnett looked like a first round pick again and Josh Sweat has figured this whole pass rushing thing out. Today they get the challenge of bringing down Big Benjamin. He’s still just elusive enough, if that’s even possible, to cause issues for defenses. They need to be in Ben’s face all day. If you give him time to let his big playmakers work on the secondary, than he is going to burn you.

Prediction: I’ve had this game marked off as a loss since the schedule came out. The feeling didn’t waiver after the first three weeks of the season. Last week, we were provided with a glimmer of hope after they went out and beat the 49ers on the road. Pittsburgh is coming off a COVID caused bye week. The Steelers are 9-4 since 2007 off of the bye. Ugh, I don’t want to do this. However, I’m gonna do it.

Steelers 27 Eagles 24.

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