Flyers Recap: Steaming shit pile left on ice

This is the only accurate representation of the game last night. For two periods the Flyers hung around after being outplayed. The Islanders were building up for that outburst from the opening faceoff. The Flyers stood there as the steamroller slowly kept creeping down the ice and they made a feeble attempt to get out of the way. Hart is the man getting run over in the video above. Carter can’t be blamed for a loss like that when he kept them in the game the whole night. I love this team, but at some point the star players need to take over a game. We can’t win a Stanley Cup on the backs of Nate Thompson, Tyler Pitlick and Derek Grant. Good players in their own role, but they can’t be depended on as front line players. It’s getting old waiting for Coots, Konecny, and G to get to the Toronto bubble. I know G has set up Jake for some goals, but at some point he needs to take over a game like we know he can. Also, JVR looks like me skating out there. The only difference is I am a middle class public employee and he is paid like an elite goal scorer. Lastly, credit the Islanders for getting the Flyers to play right into their gameplan. They are a classic Barry Trotz coached team. Trotz also reminds me of a Mario Kart villain. Here’s to hoping that game 2 is better.

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