Name that subpar Philadelphia athlete

You know the rules folks. You get a couple clues to figure out the mystery Philadelphia athlete. First to guess it right wins a date with my cousin Marianne. Nice steak dinner at the Philly Diner. A little hand holding, but nothing fresh.

Cue the music:

  1. Played three seasons for the Flyers from 2000-2003
  2. Could actually be described as pretty effective during those years
  3. Jennings award winner
  4. Looked very much like Pee Wee Herman with a unibrow
  5. Lost his job to Robert Esche
  6. Would not be surprised if he was an international assassin
  7. Now runs a brewery

Guesses in.

No more guesses.

Let’s see who is correct.

Image result for who is it gif

It’s Roman Cechmanek

Image result for roman cechmanek

I still get angry that the Flyers didn’t keep him and Esche as a tandem. Instead he went to LA to play for the Kings for one year. From there Checky went on to play overseas. Here’s to you Roman.

Image result for roman cechmanek

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