Al Horford Shushes Crowd

Listen Al Horford is a nice guy, Sixers fans may be a little tough on him, but what is this nonsense?

Nobody forced Horford to sign here. Albeit, I’m not sure how many other four-year contract offers, with $97 million guaranteed were out there, but still he is here of his own volition.

Horford has mightily underperformed this season, as has the rest of the team. He has not helped with creating spacing on the floor, and is shooting a paltry 32.9 percent from beyond the arc.

Understandably, the home faithful is frustrated with this guy. I’m sure Horford is frustrated with the fans and the team as well. But to shush? Nobody likes to be shushed.

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand this hypocrisy. Multi-millionaire athlete gets mad at fans for not living up to the expectations of contract they signed, to earn outlandish salary. It’s dumbfounding to me.

I am hoping the Sixers can gel at some point. It will take Horford getting on board to do that. Last night’s win over a hot Grizzlies team was a nice start. Al just needs to put the shushing to rest.

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