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Well this isn’t very Neto (neat-o pun, nailed it). How is this short haired Winter Solider looking doofus the one who stayed on the team? Sure, let’s trade James Ennis, the guy who had good moments for you in the Postseason last year. Let’s boot Trey Burke out of the plane on the way to Milwaukee, because why would we keep another outside shooting threat. Instead we are stuck with Neto. He doesn’t hit nothing but Net-O. He looks like he is going fall over while dribbling up the court. He makes me yearn for the days of TJ McConell. TJ actually brought fire to this team. He just doesn’t do it for me. I would rather see Raul Ibanez out here playing 10 minutes a night. It should be noted that I didn’t hate Raul Neto until James Ennis was sacrificed to keep him here. Maybe I’m just a bigger Ennis fan than I thought.

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