SUPER BOWL LIV Preview and Prediction

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There is no moment more bittersweet during the calendar year than Super Bowl Sunday. The pageantry, the game and the drama is unrivaled by any sporting event during the year. We then get hit in the sack with the reality of the offseason. I for one will go into a football depression for a solid month. The time between the Super Bowl and first Spring Training games is excruciating. Sure, basketball and hockey fill a void, but that time period is a brutal stretch. Now lets get to the game.

Both teams come in as their conferences best possible representative. I don’t want to hear that the Ravens were more well equipped for this game because quite frankly, they weren’t. Great Offense vs. Great Defense is normally the story line in each Super Bowl. So let us take a look at who has the advantage on both sides of the ball.

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Offense: I think it goes without saying that the Chiefs have the far superior offense. This is not a slight to Jimmy G and the rest of the Niners, but the weapons being deployed by Big Red are rarely an even matchup. The passing game is a clear advantage for the Chiefs. It is hard to compete with someone as talented as that Kermit the Frog sounding, ketchup loving, gunslinging Patrick Mahomes. I give the 49ers the edge in the running game. This is mostly because of their offensive line, which I also give them an edge on. When it comes to down the field threats, these are teams that both have elite speed. They both have elite pass catching tight ends in George Kittle and Travis Kelce. I think the Chiefs have the advantage because of their depth a the passing catching spots. When it comes to the play callers, both of these offensive head coaches have been in the Super Bowl spotlight and have failed. However, I think that Andy’s offensive assistants give him the edge here. Eric Bieniemy should be a head coach somewhere and Mike Kafka is emerging as a OC candidate.

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Defense: San Francisco’s group has been special all year long. The Defensive Line has been unstoppable at times and the linebacker level has been equally as strong with Warner. Add that along with a career resurgent year of Richard Sherman and you have an elite group. KC defense has been hit and miss. Tyrann Mathieu has been their best player on that side of the ball for the duration of the playoffs. His ability to get to the ball and make a play is up there with the best of them in the league. When looking at the coaching, Steve Spagnuolo could make or break the game. Spags has been in this spot before when the Giants beat the best team to never win a title, 2007 New England Patriots. Robert Saleh, like Bieniemy, should be a head coach somewhere next year, but won’t be. All in all, I give the edge to the 49ers.

Special Teams: I’ll take the Chiefs in this category. I think Butker gives them an edge. Couple that with explosive return men and you have a recipe for success.

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Betting: The line is sitting at KC -1.5 with the O/U at 53.5. I can’t really remember a Super Bowl that I’ve been so indecisive on when placing my picks. I find it way more difficult to do when you don’t personally loathe one of the teams. That being said I’m rolling with taking KC ML and the Over. I can’t not bet the coin toss and if you go anything besides tails you’re a loser. Player bet that I loved was Sammy Watkins total receiving yards at 49.5. I think he draws the second or third option in coverage for San Francisco and could get a couple of big plays down the field. All of this sounds solid until five minutes into the game when I’m trying to hedge every bet that I made.

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Half-time Show: Buckle in everybody because this is about to be an electric factory. Truth be told I can’t understand anything Shakira says besides Hips Don’t Lie, but I’m all in on it. When J-Lo breaks out in Jenny from the Block and Love Don’t Cost a Thing its gonna send this night into the stratosphere. And if I had to mortgage my house on one thing tomorrow, it is that this guy will be making a breathtaking appearance

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All in all, I think that we are in for a really good game. I just hope that it ends with Andy Reid hoisting a Lombardi Trophy. He can then sail off into the distance to a land of steak, cheeseburgers and game film to watch until he is enshrined in Canton. Enjoy the game and drink some cool refreshing beverages that will haunt you Monday at work.

Chiefs 34 49ers 27

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