DONE DEAL: Eagles land Darius Slay

The Eagles made the move official to land 3-time pro bowler, Darius Slay. Slay has been a standout Cornerback for the Lions for the past several years. The details of the trade are the Eagles receiving Slay in exchange for a third and fifth round pick in the 2020 draft. Slay also signed an extension with the Eagles to solidify the deal. That deal is for three years for $50 million. $30 million of that is guaranteed money. That’s a lot of beans folks. However, you always will pay for proven production.

This is not some cupcake corner like the “big names” the team has brought in before (Nnmadi and Maxwell). Slay has shown for years now that he can follow the best receiver on the opposing team and cover them like a warm, toasty blanket on a cold winters night. He has already proven to make Amari Cooper look like Amari Pooper. I know that joke was low hanging fruit, but I’ll take it.

When is the last time the Eagles had a corner like this? I’m going to guess it is Asante Samuel. There are so many things to love about the move. He is only two years older than Byron Jones and he is also vastly more talented in my opinion. Slay being able to line up on the best receiver will allow the Eagles younger cornerback options the opportunity to continue to grow (Maddox, Jones). This was the exact shot in the arm this city needed in what has been a dull first few days. Now the defense is starting to really take shape. Hargrave and Cox applying the pressure in the middle with Slay benefiting on the outside. All this has Matthew Berry ready to shit his shorts.

Super Bowl 2021. Go Birds.

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