Flyers win, Moose gets 40th Shutout

The Flyers went out and did what they needed to do to keep pace in the playoff push. Go beat lowly teams and take two points from them every time. Beating the Red Wings isn’t exactly taking down the Soviet Union, but it’s also a game that you need to get those points in. Kevin Hayes just had a knack for making the big play when this team is going to need it. I can’t remember a guy being this automatic in shorthanded situations when the other team makes a mistake.

Brian Moose Elliott notched career shutout number 40. Every time he is referred to as Moose leads to my brain starting to drift into how cool it would be for an actual Moose to be a goalie in the NHL. Speciality Moose antler padding. Would be very difficult to score on in my opinion. Also if I were an NHL GM I’d always take a flyer (Pun intended) on getting a real fatty to poop themselves between the pipes. 6’7 and 600 pounds in pads. Absolute brick wall city for anyone coming in on a rush. You can thank me later NHL teams. I’m talking Momma from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape big.

Let’s keep it rolling into the week.

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